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Cathey Chandler (Kelly)

Cathey Chandler (Kelly)

Cathey passed away on February 21, 2015, after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

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02/22/15 01:46 PM #1    

Marlita Burke (Condreay)

Haven't seen Cathey in years, but I will miss seeing her posts. She was very couragous and never gave up!! She will be missed. Prayers to all her family and friends!!


02/23/15 03:02 PM #2    

Sue Monroe

Cathey was thinking of her friends until the end.  She said she appreciated all the support and encouragement she received from her Facebook Friends.   She wanted to tell you herself but her life was cut short.  I believe that God was merciful as she was in a great deal of pain and was having such trouble breathing.  She said she was ready to go.  Well, she doesn't suffer any longer and can rest until Christ returns. 


02/25/15 07:36 AM #3    

Deborah Newsome (Dill)

My sincere sympathy and prayers for Cathey's Family -Cathey was a neat person I remember the classes we had together during high school and the fun we shared in Mr. Minshew's Math class. Praise God for those memories she will be greatly missed. Deborah Newsome.

02/26/15 05:13 PM #4    

Karen Cloer (Price)

Cathey and I graduated together, and we were friends through school.  I missed allot of the in between through the years, yet once we connected on FB, we got pretty close.  She was a big inspiration to me, and we would email back and forth as well as message and/or talk on FB.  She brought so much joy to my life as she always was thinking of her friends, especially those she had met through chemo, and was always upbeat about everything, always putting others before herself.  She loved her family and those grandchildren were the apple of her eye, so to speak.  No matter how badly she felt, she always gave God glory through her pain.  My greatest regret is that I was not physically able to go to our Class Reunion this past year, and I missed seeing and visiting w/her.  We did talk later, but still it wasn't in person, and I do regret not seeing her before she left this world.  Today, I am thankful that she is no longer in pain but resting in the arms of our Savior and Lord!  I believe she knew how much I loved and cared about her as well as many others.  I am so blessed to have been her friend, and I will always think of her every day, and I know we'll meet again one day.  Love and condolences to all her family and friends!  I love you Cathey! Karen

02/26/15 06:10 PM #5    

Bonny George (Cottingham)

I posted my comment below on Facebook this past Tuesday...but wanted to share my post on her memory board as well....Thank you.

My heart hurts from hearing the new of this sweet classmate of mine. I went to grade school and high school with Cathey and she was the sweetest person always!  I had lost track of most of my classmates over the last 40 years due to moving away.  However, another classmate of mine that I have known most of my life is Karen Sportsman Taylor.  

My husband and I stayed the weekend at Karen's bed & breakfast March 2014 when in a few of our conversations Karen and I were talking and she  informed that Cathey Kelly WAS Cathey Chandler so I sent Cathey a "friend request" thru facebook. Cathey had asked Karen if this was "our Bonny George?" My heart soared when Cathey Chandler Kelly asked Karen this! She said....our Bonny George!!!  

From this moment on...I got caught up on the history of Cathey's physical struggles she had been going thru and watched for her inspirational posts on facebook. She inspired me!

Then was so glad to meet up with Cathey again after all these years when we had our class reunion in October! I captured pictures of Cathey along with her side kick Karen Sportsman at the reunion not knowing this would be the last time I would see her!   
SHE, Cathey Chandler never knew that the one word she spoke (to Karen Sportsman) referring back in March 2014 to me was a very special moment making me feel worth living....."OUR, Bonny George?"

We lost a great person that touched our lives....OUR Cathey Chandler Kelly! 

Prayers to the family and friends.


03/07/15 04:00 PM #6    

Mike Whitehouse

A pretty and gracious woman has left this vail of tears. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.

03/07/15 08:10 PM #7    

Kay Pennington (Burnside)

I went today along with several other of our classmates to the Memorial Service for Cathey Chandler Kelly. There were lots of laughs as well as tears for our dear friend. In the last couple of years she proved how very brave she was while fighting this terrible enemy "cancer". Throughout it all she never lost her faith in God. She consistently thought of all her family members and friends and tried to let all of us know how much she loved us. I hope she knew how much we loved her too. I know she is in a better place now and free of her pain. I'm so glad we all got to visit with each other at our reunion in October. She felt really good then and was so happy to be there and get to see us all. She will be missed so much by all of her friends. Rest in peace dear friend.

03/07/15 08:20 PM #8    

Bonny George (Cottingham)

Today was the Celebration Service for Cathey Chandler Kelly.   Friends and family gathered to say their goodbyes.  It was good to see several of her classmates that attended the service!  It was good seeing you all again. Cathey was very much loved.

03/10/15 05:41 AM #9    

Sue Monroe

The message was posted here that Cathey Chandler Kelly's family needed financial assistance in making final arrangements for her.   You generouly responded and we were able to give the family $625.00. They expressed great appreciation and indicated they would use some of the money to purchase flowers for her memorial service.  They also indicated that in her memory they would like to plant some bushes that she indicated she would like to see growing her yard.  

I would like to say thank you in behalf of the family for your financial support for them at this time of grieving for the loss of their Cathey.  


05/04/15 09:44 AM #10    

John Brockman

Bonny George Cottingham has provided photos taken at Cathey's memorial service. To see them, click on the View Profile link above Cathey's yearbook photo (above). Thank you, Bonny, for sharing.

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