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Stephen Pope

Stephen Pope

Stephen's fiance reports on Facebook that Stephen died on April 20, 2015, at 12:30 am. We will post additional information as we get it.

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04/22/15 09:55 AM #2    

Mark Binion

Stephen, like Marvin Littlefield was just a nice, easy going and good natured guy. If we all could only go back to those MHS days...look everyone in the eye, smile and then give 'em all a big hug.

04/22/15 10:34 AM #3    

Karen Sportsman (Taylor)

How sad.  Life is short friends.  Just like Mark Binion said I wish we could all go back and be together.  We really need to meet more often.  Hugs and love to you all.

04/22/15 12:50 PM #4    

Donny Garner

I'm with you, Mark.  Too many of our classmates are leaving us.  Stephen was a good guy.  He'll be missed.  It would be great to go back in time and see everyone again, make friends with our classmates that we didn't get to know back in school, and visit with everyone...times like this make us reflect back and wish we had done those things.

04/23/15 08:37 AM #5    

Karen Cloer (Price)

Sorry once again to hear about another one of our classmates passing aways.  He was a nice guy in school, and childhood neighbor and friend for a while. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephen's family and those who so close to him. 

04/23/15 02:32 PM #6    

Darlene Stark (Brantley)

Steven was such a sweet guy. Always smiling. He will be missed. 

04/24/15 05:45 PM #7    

Marlita Burke (Condreay)

I agree with Marc, we should have all been friendly!!

04/24/15 05:46 PM #8    

Marlita Burke (Condreay)

Prayers with Stephen's family and frinds!!

04/25/15 01:19 PM #9    

Darlene Stark (Brantley)

Marlita  that's true. In High School to much is on being popular. There were a lot of wonderful sweet people that weren't popular. It's sad but that's life. Stephen always made me laugh. 

04/25/15 10:46 PM #10    

Debbie Nuttall (Monk)

I think it was the 20th reunion, in talking to different people, I realized that we all had the same insecurities and just wanted to fit in. Life is too short. Stephen and Marvin will be missed as all the others who left too soon.

05/03/15 05:44 PM #11    

Houston Granstaff

Hello class of 69,


   I was thinking about Stephen Pope the day he passed.  Stephen, Tommy Winbur, and I lived close to one another when growing up.  Tommy and I  spent a lot of time with Steven and his family.   I can recall so many good times with those two.    

   Stephen and I talked of traveling the country on our motor cycles after graduating.  I did not think much about it after graduating until the day Stephen called me and ask if I was ready to go.  I had a job and had to turn him down.   I believe he was a little disappointed and I felt bad.  It was that conversation that prompted me to think about him on that day.  He had a heart of gold and was fun to be around.  Steven had much of his mother in him.   Mrs Pope was great with us kids.  I could go on all day about things we did together and with his family.  I am thankful for the memories.  I was saddened to hear about him passing along with the many others.  May God have found favor with him, comfort and bless his family along with the rest of us in class of 69.

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